About Mrs. Sauceda

About Mrs. Sauceda
I have been teaching in Iron County since 2007. This is my second year at North Elementary and I am so happy to be able to teach such a great group of kids at a new STEAM school! Science is my passion, and I love to see students get excited about it. We do many projects and hands-on activities, and I will do my best to keep you all posted throughout the year!

Tuesday, September 6, 2016

We have survived the first few weeks of school!  We have been very busy learning routines and practicing procedures for the last three weeks.  We are working in the Go Math books learning place value and adding and subtracting whole numbers. 

 In CKLA we are learning about personal narratives and descriptive writing.  Later this week and next we will practice writing our own personal narrative.  

In science we learned the scientific process skills (observation, classifying, testing, communicating, predicting, etc.) and have started on the first unit which is ecosystems of Utah.  I put the children into three groups where they are researching an ecosystem. They will then create a poster and presentation to teach the rest of the class about their ecosystem.  

Photos of the field trip up the canyon trail.

Art Project Photos

After discussing patterns, each group had to create a patterned rug. They all turned out to be so beautiful!

Beginning of the Year Photos

The kids are enjoying their first engineering project. Each group had to make an army man launcher.